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Experts in textiles and technical clothing manufacturing

100% European / 100% Vertical Manufacturing / 100% Family

Reduce - Recycle - Reuse


Licensed by the AEMPS 8672-PS

ISO13485 and ISO9001


External certifications


CE marking

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From Barcelona (Rubí) we serve our clients a product of high performance and proven quality, offering protection and innovation, without neglecting the social and environmental responsibility that characterizes us. We believe in a sustainable and responsible economy capable of maintaining a balance between society, planet and economy. 

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Trust our textile and technical experience to find the product that best suits your needs. We offer personalized advice to those who place their trust in us, with the aim of improving the quality and cleanliness of the environment as well as the image and comfort of the user.

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We are 100% vertical. We manufacture from the yarn to the finished garment, and all products are "100% made in Europe".  We have developed our fabrics hand in hand with the best textile engineers accompanied by the knowledge of more than 130 years of textile experience.


Our Guarantee:

High quality



Our differential value


We produce entirely in Europe and under the most demanding quality standards


We have the support of a great team of specialist technicians and suppliers who make our company a reality.


Our vertical production allows us to control all production processes and ensure our customers a delivery time in the shortest possible time, always accrediting the technical standards of current regulations.

Download our quality policy here


We manufacture and use state-of-the-art technical fabrics:


They are clean air, particle barrier, with microfiber filaments and with a unique moisture management system for effective breathability


Lightweight, with a pleasant texture, easy maintenance and very high durability


We also have waterproof, antistatic fabrics, etc. to cover all the needs of our clients


We are close, honest and professional



We are the trusted provider of clients dedicated to the pharmaceutical, food, electronics, cosmetics, clean rooms, surgical areas and the hospital sector.


We offer a fast and reliable service.

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Camí de Sant Muç 11-13
Rubí, 08191

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Contact us and get the best technical textiles: clean room, sanitary clothing, reusable surgical coverage, ESD etc.

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