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Reusable technical clothing

With the use of reusable products from Tecnica by Technotex we collaborate in a circular economy, reducing the environmental impact and generating local employment 

At Técnica by Technotex ® we have developed up to 10 new fabrics, specially designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. In addition, we remain committed to continuously developing new fabrics and thus offering new and effective solutions  in the dispersion of bacteria and particles


environmental cleaning

physical contamination

Pollution control and air quality in clean rooms is a key element to positively influence the process and the quality of a product.

The most frequent contamination occurs through skin flake particles that people generate and that are distributed in the environment.

There are currently technical fabrics specially designed to effectively reduce this type of pollution: clean air and a particle barrier.

All our fabrics meet the quality requirements ISO 5 - GMP class A / B.

Corporate benefits

Maintenance and durability

European manufacturing

Custom development

DAV09493 copia.jpg
DAV09417 copia.jpg

Main benefits for users

Great comfort:  Lightness and breathability

Temperature control​

Particle filtration​

Ideal even for long time use

Microbial barrier

Ergonomic design: total freedom of movement

resistant and elegant

Keeps its shape after washing

Recommended garments for Clean Room

Environmental pollution

The most common environmental pollution in production areas is produced through particles that are distributed in the environment:

Bacteria transport: The skin flakes generated by people, the fibers and fluff that come off traditional cotton-containing fabrics are pollutants and act as transport vehicles for bacteria and microorganisms.

Unwanted particles: particles of human origin (scales, hair etc.) and foreign bodies (plastics etc.) arriving to products during manufacture and handling.

A suitable clothing with clean fabrics contributes effectively to the reduction of this type of contamination. It is recommended to avoid polyester / cotton garments, which give off fibers and lint and do not act as a filter or barrier against microorganisms.

At Technotex ® we offer appropriate clothing, designed with clean, technical fabrics and a barrier to microorganisms, which contribute to greater environmental cleanliness and an effective reduction of the risk of physical and biological contamination.

Regulations that must been followed

Our technical fabrics are designed to meet the highest quality requirements and ensure the maintenance of their technical and comfort properties.


  • Made with multi-lobe yarns, widely used in sports and leisure activities, which provide moisture management systems for effective breathability.

  • They transport moisture to the outside

  • Fresh air circulation inside

  • Faster drying speed

  • Comfort: Light, soft, breathable garments with a pleasant texture

  • Outstanding durability

  • Easy maintenance




  • EN 1149 Protective clothing with electrostatic properties.

  • ASTM F51 Particulate Pollutants in Clean Rooms

  • EN31092 Water vapor resistance (comfort)

  • ISO 22612 Resistance to microbial penetration

  • ISO 9073-10 Cleaning of particulate matter (linting)

  • ISO 10993 Cytotoxicity

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