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Clean room

The control of contamination and air quality in clean room is a key element to positively influence the process and the quality of a product.

The most frequent contamination occurs through the particles of skin scales that people generate and are distributed in the environment.

There are currently technical fabrics specially designed to effectively reduce this type of contamination: clean air and particle barrier.

All our fabrics meet the quality requirements ISO 5 - GMP class A / B.

Main benefits 

Lightweight and breathable

For prolonged use

Microbial barrier





European manufacturing


Suit ref: Atlántico

Clean room jumpsuit


  • Front zip and hook closure, protected with placket

  • Built-in hood with straps for adjustment

  • Ranglan sleeve

  • Inner belt

  • Possibility of pockets

  • Elastic tricot cuffs and anklets

Suit ref: Antillas

  • Front zip closure protected with placket

  • Raglan sleeve

  • Innerbelt

  • Cuffs and anklets with elastic tricot

  • Optional Pockets

  • Optional hat

Suit ref: Escocia

  • Front zip closure protected with placket

  • Raglan sleeve

  • Inside upper pocket and outer side pocket

  • Innerbelt for waist adjustment

  • Cuffs and anklets free

  • Inside and outside pockets (optional)

Coat ref: Roma

  • Hood with front brackets adjustment and neckband

  • Front zip closure protected with placket

  • Ranglan sleeve

  • Elastic knitted cuffs

Coat ref: Niza

  • Hood with mask sewn and adjustable by ribbons

  • No front opening

  • Ranglan sleeve

  • Elastic knitted cuffs

  • Adjustable knit hood with facial hollow

  • Without front opening. Only one piece.

  • Raglan sleeve

  • Elastic knitted cuffs

ref: Head Cover

ref: Shoe covers

  • Boot covers up to the lower knee area

  • With double adjustment: on the instep and the twin

  • Anti-slip

  • Various sizes

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