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This is our identity!

At Technotex we believe in a sustainable and responsible economy capable of maintaining a balance between society, planet and economy . We long for a world where every day of the year is greener than the last.

We promote reasonable consumption. We seek that each purchase made in our company is fair and necessary and that, in addition, it has direct and indirect positive effects.
By purchasing a Technotex product, you participate in responsible production, based on 4 key commitments whose joint objective is to help preserve the environment and improve society:


(Where and how)

Local economy and European vocation


We are 100% local; 100% European (75% National).
We manufacture all our products entirely, from the thread to the finished garment, controlling the entire production chain and ensuring adequate and responsible manufacturing, with increasingly less polluting raw materials and processes.



Our greatest asset


We are close, honest and professional
As a family business that we are, we work under a social ethic where each worker is important, is valued equally and has decent and optimal working conditions for personal and family life. No temporary contracts or temporary employment agency.


We also have a social project that seeks to involve our employees in teaching and creating opportunities: See what is "Weaving futures"



Environmental impact

We manufacture responsibly and promote the shift towards reusable products.

We dedicate great efforts to maintain a constant development of new, better and more durable products. We are not satisfied and we continue working daily so that each new product has a longer useful life than the previous one, directly reducing the environmental impact associated with production. All our products are reusable and recyclable to generate a circular economy


(How and when)

Ambition for excellence

The way we do things is just as important as the things we do.


For this reason we try to give a personalized service to each client, seeking to satisfy only their real needs, without generating new ones.

Therefore this pillar is you. You decide how, when and how much you need, without external pressure. Consuming all of them responsibly, we achieve less exploitation and generation of waste

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