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A unique product

We are a European supplier specialized in textiles and technical garments for surgical areas, clean rooms and clean zones and ESD environments.


Our products are manufactured from innovative fabrics, own and exclusive

We monitor  100% of our processes with strict quality controls : from the initial thread to the final garment

We certify compliance with European regulations, international guidelines and GMP. 

We offer functional, effective and sustainable garments, without neglecting design and creativity

Our origin

Technotex, is a family company that belongs to a textile groupmanufacturer of fabrics since 1880 and one of the main textile suppliers in Europe.

The group has 4  production centers  in Catalonia, which provide us with high flexibility, high production capacity and effective traceability of the product. 


This verticalization allows to control the production processes and assure our clients an adequate quality in the shortest possible time.


From start to finish

For more than 130 years we have grown together with new technologies, the diversity of production processes and textile creation. Since then we are continuously improving the functionality and quality of our fabrics. 

In these 4 centers we manufacture our textiles and garments from the yarn to the final garment, offering total traceability.

1-2. Preparation, assembly, warp gluing and weaving of technical fabrics.

3. Transformation in the dyeing and finishing factory.

4. Preparation of the garments in Rubí and in other external factories in Europe.

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