Clean area

The most common environmental contamination in production areas occurs through the particles that are distributed in the environment:

Bacterial transport: The skin flakes generated by people, the fibers and lint released by traditional cotton-containing fabrics are contaminant and act as transport vehicles for bacteria and microorganisms.


Unwanted particles: particles of human origin (scales, hair etc.) and foreign bodies (plastics etc.) arriving to products during manufacture and handling.

Proper clothing with clean fabrics contributes effectively to reducing this type of contamination. It is recommended to avoid polyester / cotton garments, which give off fibers and lint and do not act as a filter or barrier against microorganisms.


At Technotex ® we offer suitable clothing, designed with technical, clean fabrics and a barrier to microorganisms, which contribute to greater environmental cleanliness and an effective reduction in the risk of physical and biological contamination.

Main benefits 

Lightweight and breathable

For prolonged use

Microbial barrier





European manufacturing


Interior set

Basic shirt + Basic Pants

  • Circular neck with elastic tricot

  • Long sleeve

  • Lateral opening

  • Open sleeves and legs 

Download technical sheet

Download technical sheet

  • V neckline with elastic tricot

  • Long sleeve

  • Side opening

  • 2 side pockets

  • Ribbed sleeves and leg ends

Jacket Airvip m / l + Classic Lab pants

Standard set


Conjunto Diario

Download technical sheet

  • Mao collar with hook

  • Front zip closure protected with placket

  • Long sleeve

  • 1 trouser pocket with flap

  • Ribbed sleeves and leg ends

Download technical sheet

Bata Viena

  • Mao collar with hook

  • Front zip closure protected with placket

  • Long sleeve finished in elastic knit

  • height: 3/4

Download technical sheet

Bata Praga

  • Shirt collar

  • Front closure with nickel-free snap closures, protected by front flap

  • Adjustable cuffs on sleeves by snaps

  • Three pockets

Download technical sheet


Download technical sheet


Download technical sheet

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