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What does it mean "Weaving Futures"?

It is a Corporate Volunteering that arises from the collaboration between our textile group and the ENTRECULTURAS Foundation, an NGO that has been providing education to children and young people in developing countries for 30 years.

We understand that, living in a global world, the impact we have on our closest environment also affects those more distant places. For this reason, we have a project to support Latin American communities based on textile education as a tool to improve the lives of women at social risk.

The Weaving Futures project began in 2019, and is carried out by the NGO Entrecultura. The objective is to support vocational education centers to improve the quality of educational programs in textiles in order to obtain a better job placement, mostly for women in rural areas.

In recent years, the project has been located in regions of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, adapting to each reality and need of the beneficiary population and embracing different processes in textiles, from updating creativity and design to tailoring.

One of the basic points for our company is that our staff introduce themselves and become part of this project through participation in a Corporate Volunteering Trip, and that it encourages the transfer of knowledge to the schools that are supported. This trip creates special ties with the beneficiary communities promoting learning, knowledge and awareness of our staff of other social realities. Each year volunteers are presented who are chosen based on their knowledge and experience in order to form a multidisciplinary team that can train students.


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