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Weaving Futures - Outstanding Summer 2021

These summer months, we will continue working on our corporate project. Of all the actions, we want to highlight our collaboration with Ellas lo Bordan SL.

Ellas lo Bordan SL. (sewing with impact) is an insertion company created in 2017 with the mission of generating employment for women in vulnerable situations: victims of gender violence, single mothers with minor children in their care, migrants and unemployed. The main element for the transformation and change of these women is a sewing workshop, where technical training oriented to the textile sector is facilitated and their transversal skills are strengthened to favor their socio-labor integration.

With our donations of fabrics we contribute to the work of Ellas lo Bordan, to the labor insertion of women at risk of exclusion, to the creation of decent jobs in the textile sector, to reduce inequalities and to promote responsible and sustainable consumption thanks to to the reuse of fabrics to create competitive and quality products.


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