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We took part in the 3rd Aseptic academy Seminar

This week our sales and management team participated in the 3rd Aseptic Academy Aseptic PROCESSING seminar. ( Aseptic Academy )

It is a complete theoretical/practical course in order to review and renew the knowledge around the aseptic world.

We believe it is important to put ourselves in the place of our customers, that is why our commercial team has conducted the 3rd Practical Seminar on Aseptic Processing with Aseptic Academy.

With this new knowledge and experience we hope to get a better understanding of our customers' day-to-day business and to see what needs are not covered or can be improved and what we can help to solve through the development of new products.

Aseptic academy is presented as a means to obtain the theoretical and practical knowledge to develop the daily work independently: to know "why to do", "how to do" and "when to do" the aseptic work correctly.

From among the subject matter, the theoretical depth of the course is covered:

1. Sources of contamination

2. Flow of the sterile process

3. Types of Clean Rooms (Classes A-D)

4. Air conditioning, laminar flow and air locks.

The seminar also has a practical part in which we put ourselves in the shoes of the workers in the classified areas: we review the process of hand cleaning and facility cleaning as well as the proper procedure for dressing correctly.

In addition, team activities are carried out to define and learn about the different hygiene grades, RABS, isolators, personnel and material flows, smoke testing, damp heat, filtration, HPV, etc...

The course was given by professionals in the validation and training of personnel and cleanroom and aseptic techniques:

Claudia Sigg, Ricard Castillejo, Garth Mussey and Raquel Sampedro.

And coordinated by Anaïs Gomez Ramon and Aina Solé.

Our director Gonzaga has described the seminar as "an innovative course that goes beyond theory and practice. It is a complete course that has satisfied my concerns related to the aseptic process in an enjoyable, participatory way, with teamwork and even competitive. All this makes this a uniquely different and engaging course, as well as allowing for fantastic networking!"

Link to the seminar:


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