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Sustainable local manufacturing

At Technotex, and our group of companies, we are fully committed to the environment and to reducing the impact of the manufacturing of our products.

Our 2030 agenda includes not only the continuous development of innovative, more durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable products, but also our concern for the way in which we manufacture them and the implementation of mechanisms that will help us achieve our carbon neutral goal.

One of the current projects, initiated in September 2021, is the self-generation of energy through the installation of solar panels in our factories.

We are already 1/3 of the way through the ambitious project to generate up to 60% of total energy consumption.

Now begins the second part of the project, the most ambitious, which consists of the renovation of the structure of the historic warehouses in order to improve several aspects, such as insulation, the maximum capacity of solar surface or the entry of natural light into the interior of the plants.

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