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Medication dispensing vest

A new system to reduce distractions when preparing medication

A high number of pediatric patients suffer some adverse event related to care during hospitalization. Adverse events derived from medical errors are an important cause of morbidity and mortality and, therefore, a serious public health problem. Distractions and interruptions that occur during the development of healthcare activity are one of the main causes of adverse events in the hospital setting. Furthermore, new technologies have increased the type and number of distractions during clinical practice. It is essential to carry out preventive measures and identify potential sources of distraction and interruption in the healthcare environment in order to improve patient safety. See Guide

Despite the evidence that exists on the problem of distractions and interruptions in patient safety, there are few active policies that are carried out in the hospital environment. Some centers in our country have begun to implement measures to avoid distractions in nursing staff during critical tasks, such as the use of special vests with non-distraction alert messages.

For this reason, at Technotex we offer ourselves to health centers, to whom we manufacture and supply special vests that nursing professionals wear. It is a new sanitary vest that they must wear while preparing the patients' medication to warn the rest of the staff and patients and their families that they should not be interrupted. The objective is to avoid duplication and errors due to distractions.

The vests are of outstanding design, either by the combination of the colors or by including reflective tapes if requested by the client. On the back, in large size, they include an alarming signal with a phrase such as: "Do not interrupt, we are preparing and administering medication. Thank you."

With this new product, it is intended to achieve a greater degree of safety among professionals during the time of preparation and dispensing of medication for patients.

This initiative arose from the study carried out by Johanna Westbrook (download), which was followed here in Spain by multiple centers, including the SJD hospital (DR. Ramon Mir Abellán) in which the effectiveness in reducing mistakes was demonstrated by fewer interruptions suffered.

Multiple hospitals have welcomed this product and are including it in the department's uniform, making it known through effective internal communication.

At Technotex we have multiple reusable, high quality and durable vests. We manufacture them in multiple colors and languages, thus encompassing community hospitals with more than one official language. They can also be personalized with the hospital logo.

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