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Committed to society

In Technotex, and our business group, we are committed to training and prevention, and therefore to the company and society.

Harassment in the workplace should not only be prosecuted and punished when it occurs, but also prevented, since, due to its consequences for the victims who suffer it, it is considered a psychosocial risk within the prevention of occupational hazards.

Extending knowledge = Prevention

As a company, we see ourselves as responsible for improving society, and to do so, we must start at home.

This time our goal has been to train all Technotex employees on a sensitive issue and, to our regret, the order of the day. Labor and sexual harassment.

Knowing more about this issue can help prevent future situations, either in our work, suppliers, customers or in society.

Thanks to ASPY and Estrella for this training!

Thanks for ASPY Prevención, @Enrique Jimenez Moreno and Estrella Encinas Martínez for this training!


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