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Wardrobe for clean room, clean area and ESD

At Técnica by Technotex ® we have developed a complete range of clean air technical garments designed with intelligent and technical fabrics , which filter the dispersion of bacteria and particles, contributing to the control of environmental pollution.

Clean production areas are necessary in all industries where micro-organisms and foreign particles can damage production processes or contaminate products. They are essential in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, electronic components, cosmetics, automotive , etc.


Unique moisture management system for effective breathability.

  • They transport moisture to the outside

  • Allow internal circulation of fresh air

  • Higher drying speed

Our fabrics are pleasant to the touch and very light, providing the highest level of comfort

They are easy to maintain and very high durability, generating significant savings.


We manufacture a wide range of specific fabrics  for each sector, according to current regulations and laws.

We have fabrics that offer properties such as:

  • Clean and Barrier: Effective against particles and bacteria

  • Liquid and fluid repellents

  • Static dissipation

  • High breathability

  • Lightness

  • etc.


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