Lightweight and breathable

They transport moisture to the outside

Higher drying speed

Fresh air circulation inside

Very light and soft garments

Outstanding durability

Most infections occur at the time of operation, by contact or by agents suspended in the environment that act as transmission vehicles (skin flakes, lint from tissues, etc.).

Clean air pajamas, classified as medical devices, are designed to minimize air contamination in surgical areas and help prevent infection.

Our clean air fabrics, constructed with continuous multifilament yarns, are lint-free and clean, resistant fabrics and are a barrier to particles and bacteria.

We are specialists

We are the national number one company in reusable surgical textiles.

We have a health license from the Spanish Drug Agency, and we have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance surgical clothing.

Our surgical pajamas are:

Manufactured with a barrier fabric for particles and micro-organisms and meet the quality requirements of the UNE EN-13795 standard.

Reusable, approved and with sanitary license.

Highly comfortable, breathable and light.

Discover our models:

Aircool pajamas

Various colors available

Aircool jacket:

  • V neck with tricot

  • Short sleeves with elastic tricot

  • 2 side pockets

  • Opening at the bottom side

Aircool pants:

  • Straight finish

  • Elasticated waist

  • 2 gusset side patch pockets

  • Covered elastic tricot anklets

Download technical sheet

- Sartec fabric (high breathability)

- Airtec fabric (antistatic)

Classic pajamas

Various colors available

Jacket :

  • V neck with tricot

  • Short sleeves

  • 2 side pockets

  • Side bottom opening for added comfort

Trousers :

  • Straight finish

  • Elasticated waist

  • 2 gusset side patch pockets

E € O Pajamas

ECO jacket:

  • V neck without tricot

  • Short sleeves

  • No pockets

ECO pants:

  • Straight finish

  • Elasticated waist

  • No pockets


3 models. Various colors available


Mao jacket:

  • Mao neck

  • Long sleeves with cuffs

  • 2 side pockets

  • Clasp closure

Smoky jacket:

  • V neck


Ruby Jacket

  • With round neck

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