The sustainable textile alternative

With the use of reusable Medica by Technotex products we collaborate in a circular economy, reducing environmental impact and generating local employment

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in Spain

We have been offering a reusable textile alternative for the operating room for 10 years .

We have been present in thousands of surgical procedures, always taking care of the most important thing: you and the patient.

Médica by Technotex ® is the leading national brand in reusable coverage and textile garments for surgical areas, continually developing new and effective solutions in the demanding field of surgery.

Accredited quality guarantee

All our technical textiles are designed and manufactured under the strictest quality controls to guarantee the maintenance of their technical properties after more than 75 reuse cycles.

We have a sanitary license authorized by the Spanish Health Agency in accordance with RD 1591/2009 that regulates medical devices.

The quality requirements that our products meet are specified in the UNE-EN 13795-20 19 standard , which requires these sanitary textiles to be micro biological barrier, clean and resistant.

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