Padded blankets for surgical areas

They do not emit lint, they are very light, breathable and antistatic.

High durability and easy maintenance


AIRTEC Technical Fabric:

  99% Polyester 1% Carbon

SOFT Boata 160 grs / m2

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Operating room table cover

Suitable for surgical areas

Lint free

Absorbent  and breathable

It is waterproof


High durability and easy maintenance
Download technical sheet​
Technical Fabric: Aquamax
100% polyester

Auxiliary sizes

Barrier sizes as external wrappers for sterilization
Complementary sizes for coverage without adhesive.
Instrument covers on waterproof covers.
Container wrapping in containers.
Auxiliary sizes in general.
Technical Fabric: Aquafil
100% polyester

Waterproof bags

We have several standard models, but we can make them with the measures you need. 


They are used to repair tissue tears, which may occur accidentally during use.

They are manufactured with our technical barrier fabrics. Designed to seal the area and maintain product properties.

Using a heat press are easy and safe to use


Non-traumatic, reusable field clamps.

To hold suction tubes, various cables, cloths and sheets.


Very useful in anesthesia to hold the header fields.


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