Surgical Field Isolation 


Our fabrics, built with a dense structure of microfilaments, form an effective barrier to particles, bacteria and microorganisms 


Maintains the body temperature of the patient, prevents fluid transfer and are easy adaptable


We use microfiber continuous threads that do not emit fluff, reducing the level of particles in the operating room environment. Contributes to prevent post-operative infections, in addition to providing effective protection to the professional team


Strict quality controls in our manufacturing processes ensure maximum effectiveness and durability of our sanitary products


  • Reusable surgical equipment manufactured with technical fabrics of proven quality according to the requirements of the UNE EN 13795: 2011 + A1 regulations

    • Critical areas: Aquamed, high proteccion laminated fabric: three layers, absorbent and waterproof

    • Less critical areas: Kirotex multifilament fabric: barrier to liquids, fluids, particles and bacteria

  • Fixation system by adhesion for an appropriate sealing and isolation of the surgical field

  • Sheets with devices for fixing cables and tubes

  • Auxiliary wipes of clean tissue, absorbent and indicated for multiple applications as a complementary product during surgery.

More than 50 equipments

More than fifty coverage equipment carefully designed for different surgical specialties.

Universal equipment

Hip arthroscopy



Perineal ...

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